Saturday, January 16, 2016

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Lexington Kentucky: MOTUROAIS Corp Studios has announced a new feature film to begin production late this summer.

“The Devil’s Harpe” is the true story about America’s first true serial killers, the Harpe Brothers. They pillaged and murdered their way through the 1780’s Kentucky countryside.

“Although it has elements of true horror”, said Director George Bonilla, “It’s not a horror movie.” He continued, “It’s the story of savage men in a savage new land. It is also a tale of one man’s valiant efforts, against all odds, to hunt down and kill the two men who murdered his family”. It really is a fact is stranger than fiction story. This movie has it all”.

Set in the years 1784-1789 wilderness of Kentucky. “It will be a challenge to present the story as it would have looked” said producer Anthony Hudson, “But, we are up for the task. We have already been working for months choosing some of our primary cast. We have been securing period costumes and props. Locations are being chosen now. It’s not easy doing a 1780’s set period piece. We are determined to do it right”

The cast includes: Billy W Blackwell (The Edison Death Machine). Stacey Gillespie (Monstrosity) Robert Scott Johnson (Bunker of Blood). HillJack Russell (Nightmare Fuel and David Fultz (My Bloody Wedding). Others will be announced closer to the production date. Also, a Hollywood name or two has been discussed to add to the cast.

Principal photography is slated to begin in late summer. The shoot will continue through the winter and spring, mostly to show the passing seasons . “These men were in an untamed land. Summers were unbearable and winters deadly. We need to show the spectacular beauty and the harsh danger of 1780’s Kentucky” said Bonilla.

This is the first feature for MOTUROAIS Studios. However, the company has produced hundreds of hours of original programs for more than thirty streaming channels. George Bonilla, is the head of ZP International Motion Pictures and has healmed more than seventeen features. Anthony Hudson has been a publisher and live events producer for more than a decade together, they formed MOTUROAIS studios in 2016.

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"We are estatic that our channels are so well recieved, and are always pushing our development department to make them even better." said Co-Founder and Operations President Anthony Hudson.


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