Saturday, January 16, 2016

Management Team

George Bonilla - Co-Founder/CEO

George Bonilla, who was named the Kentucky Filmmaker of the Year in 2009, is the CEO of ZP International Films. With ZP International, Bonilla produced and directed seventeen feature-length motion pictures including the award winning film, The Edison Death Machine and the cult-classics Zombie Planet and Hell-e-phone.

“I’ve been in this business most of my life,” said Bonilla. “Over the years, I have seen many deals that benefit the distributor, while not giving a fair shake to the filmmaker that put his heart and soul into a project. With the landscape of film distribution changing so rapidly and streaming outlets becoming more popular, I felt that the time was right to offer filmmakers an alternative to the current distribution system.”

Bonilla also serves as a board member for several MOTUROAIS companies.


Todd Burrows - Twitter/Social Media

Starting at an early age by watching silent 8mm movies projected on a wall. Todd has always been fascinated by the movies. Watching behind the scenes documentaries and reading the books. Reading magazines like Starlog and Fangoria among others.

His real break came in 2000 when answering an ad for a local indie film being made in his hometown. Going from P.A. and worked his way to E.P. He went on to help in other local filmmakers and joined the MOTUROAIS Corp.

Now he's is working the convention beats and spreading the news from the twitterverse and has become Doctor Tyranny of Doctor Tyranny's Terrible Television a B Movie hosts on the INC Roku Channel. Keep an eye out for him